SharkGame rewrite in svelte
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Shark Game

The original Shark Game is a web game written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript by Cirrial.
It is a game belonging to the "idle" or "incremental" genre. It does not require constant player attention, and can progress while the player does other things before returning to it. This isn't in any way a new or pioneering concept - a lot of people have probably heard of Candy Box or A Dark Room, or the more popular contemporary Cookie Clicker.

Development Plan

Cirrial originally developed this game for Seamergency 2014, but continued to develop it afterward. It quickly became a niche favorite among idle game enthusiasts. After a string of updates, Cirrial dropped development in mid-2015. The final version is v0.71.

While the game is in a more-than-playable state, it remains unfinished. So now there's a mod trying to remedy this.

That Mod is still based on the old source, and can thus be a bit unweildy.
This project aims to rewrite the game from the ground up in a more managable format by way of svelte. Svelte was chosen because I already did react and wanted to try something else.

Contributions welcome.